Honoring Women Air Force Service Pilots of WWII

WASP was designed to pick up cones and cubes for scoring at all nodes in gameplay. A grabber comprised of stationary compliant wheels firmly holds game pieces with a NEO Brushless for transport and placement. The grabber pivoted with a second NEO Brushless motor for versatility in cone and cube retrieval from the floor and human player station.

The grabber extends from the robot using drawer slides for linear movement, which is chain-driven by a NEO 550. The extension was supported by the pivot, a steel axle directly driven by two NEO Brushless motors.

WASP was capable of scoring a cube high in autonomous, and could then dock and engage on the charging station, or leave the community. An IMU, encoders, and PID control were critical to the success and consistency of our auto code, and maintained positional stability of mechanism throughout teleop control. Drivers used a camera to aid field view, and had automated controls to assist in endgame engaging on the charging station.

We designed...

an intake for cones and cubes, an extension for far reach, a pivot for mechanism rotation,

and wrapped our chassis with pink LEDs and glitter bumpers!

The team earned several awards in the 2022-2023 season recognizing

achievements and excellence in community outreach, sponsor relations, 

robot design and performance, and the dedication of our girls!

District Competition 1

Rookie All Star

Highest Rookie Seed (Ranked 2nd)

Event Finalist

District Competition 2

Industrial Design

Highest Rookie Seed (Ranked 6th)

District Championship Dean's List Semi-Finalist - Kaitlyn N.

Safety All Star - Claire F.

District State Championship

Rookie All Star

FIRST Dean's List Finalist - Kaitlyn N.

Safety All Star - Claire F.

World Championship

Rookie All Star - Milstein Division

We proved...

that rookie teams can be competitive, small teams can get the work done, girls teams can accomplish anything,

and that our girls should never be underestimated!

We celebrate...

the awards we earned, the community we impacted, the robot we built,

and the friends we made every step of the way!

District Competition #1

Rolesville, NC

District Competition #2

Rolesville, NC

State Championship

Greenville, NC

World Championship

Houston, TX