Team 9008 G-Force Robotics

What is G-Force Robotics?

G-Force Robotics is the flagship program of the Johnston County STEM Girls Initiative 501c3 Corp. based in Clayton, N.C. This FIRST Robotics Competition team enters its third season in 2024-2025 as the 3rd all-girl FRC team in North Carolina. The team is comprised of young women in high school from communities and schools across Wake and Johnston Counties.  The team seeks to encourage girls’ interest in STEM fields while also developing skills in business, marketing and leadership.


G-Force Robotics' goal is to encourage young women to explore their talents, creativity and interests while learning hands-on skills to design industrial-sized robots for global competition.  We invite you to learn more about our team, our outreach efforts and the FIRST community through exploring our website and reaching out with any questions.


G-Force Coaches, Mentors and Members

What is FIRST?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) - is an international youth organization that is the world's leading youth serving non-profit advancing STEM education for students in grades K-12. More than 82,600 students from over 30 countries compete annually in competitions designed to test engineering and programming skills, while also providing recognition for areas such as entrepreneurship, teamwork, safety, inspiration, and volunteerism. FIRST NC supported 77 FRC teams during the 2023-2024 competition season.

Why join a robotics team?

Robotics provides a niche opportunity to gain real-world technical experience from mentors in STEM careers, while also building skills in communication, leadership, and confidence. Not everyone plans to become an engineer, and that's okay! We love seeing how each team member approaches robotics in a unique way, and are excited to see what they do in the future!

How does G-Force support the community?

G-Force is committed to sharing STEM in our community and inspiring the next generation of students through several outreach events.

Where will G-Force be next?

Sun, Jun 22 - Tues, Jun 24

SASA Conference

Student Association for STEM Advocacy in Washington, DC.

Sat, Jun 29

Raleigh Tomorrow Event

Join us for this family fun, free event at Marsh Creek Park from 10am-2pm to see what the future of Raleigh might look like!

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FIRST Robotics Competition Team 9008 G-Force Robotics est. 2022

Flagship Program of the Johnston County STEM Girls Initiative 501(c)3