A Powerful, Multipurpose Fighter Jet from WWII

In Recognition of our Premiere Sponsor Caterpillar (CAT)

HellCAT was designed to pick up notes from the floor for scoring in the speaker and amp in FIRST CRESCENDOHellCAT was designed with an 'over the bumper' intake to pull notes into the robot. The intake rotates into frame perimeter to pass the notes into the shooter in the 'hand-off' position. The shooter independently rotates to allow for scoring in either the speaker or amp. Mechanism positions were largely controlled by preset encoder values.

The intake was made of polycarbonate for flexibility and shatter resistance in play. Compliant wheels pulled the note into the mechanism against stationary polycarbonate ramps. The shooter was equipped with belts to transfer the note from the intake to the shooter. The belts narrowed in distance to increase compression before shooting. The notes were shot using vertical stacks of compliant wheels.

HellCAT was equipped with two modified 'Climber in a Box' mechanisms for climbing on the chain in endgame. The climbers could reach all heights of the chain, allowing for a harmonized climb with an alliance member.

We designed...

an intake for floor pickup, dual climbers for endgame, a pivoting shooter to maximize scoring,

and equipped our robot with pink LEDs and glitter bumpers!

The team earned several awards in the 2023-2024 season recognizing

achievements and excellence in community outreach, sponsor relations, 

robot design and performance, and the dedication of our girls!

District Competition 1

Engineering Inspiration Award

District Championship Dean's List Semi-Finalist - Claire F.

District State Championship

Engineering Inspiration Award

FIRST Dean's List Finalist - Claire F.

World Championship

Engineering Inspiration Award - Curie Division

The girls won the Engineering Inspiration Award at all levels of competition. At

the World Championship in Houston, the Judges had the following to say:

"Partnering with sponsors, politicians and the media, this team advocates for 

FIRST funding. They demonstrate to girls that they can be engineers, and 

challenges world leaders to improve women in STEM initiatives worldwide.

From airshows to Pentagon visits, we cannot wait to see how high these girls

can SOAR!"

We proved...

that young teams can be competitive, small teams can get the work done, girls teams can accomplish anything,

and that our girls should never be underestimated!

We celebrate...

the awards we earned, the community we impacted, the robot we built,

and the friends we made every step of the way!

District Competition #1

UNC Pembroke Event - NC

District Competition #2

Wake County Event - NC

State Championship

ECU - Greenville, NC

World Championship

Houston, TX

Qualified for the 2025 World Championship in Houston, Texas.