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Community Outreach Robot

Rapid React Offseason Robot

Winning Alliance, Doyenne Inspiration

FIRST Robot Built by G-Force Robotics

Auto: 1 Cargo in the Lower Hub, taxi

Teleop: Lower Hub and defense

Endgame: Mid Rung

Inspired by Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Model 10 Electra, our robot Electra has been circling the community to teach others about robotics and what it means to be a girl in STEM! We love bringing our robot to demo wherever we go as part of our Outreach.

Electra can reach new heights with two spring loaded, telescoping lift arms topped with pink hooks to reach over 5 feet in the air!

Electra uses mecanum and compliant wheels to direct cargo, oversized tennis balls, into the shooter from off the floor. The shooter controls the cargo with belts, and can rotate upwards to shoot cargo for scoring.

Working on electra: (July - october 2022)